NBA: Why Should Utah Jazz Fans Care About The Run? The Season Is Still A Regression [Opinion]

Dennis Lindsey let the Utah Jazz backslide last offseason; we know that since the Jazz won't be able to replicate its success this year.

The Utah Jazz won 20 of its last 22 games going into its matchup tonight (March 17) against Sacramento.

Indeed, it is remarkable. But acknowledge that at the same time, the franchise is backsliding nonetheless.

As of March 17, Utah was 39-30. Last year, the Jazz went 51-31.

It’s two losses (in 13) from impossible that Utah can even match last season’s success.

And that’s aside from assessing if the Jazz can advance in the playoffs as Utah did last year, or if their seed can even be the same.

So the Jazz will regress from last season. That means that Utah’s management, led by general manager Dennis Lindsey, was wrong to not do everything they could last season to not revamp the team after Gordon Hayward spurned them.

If you’re backsliding, why not blow it up? You may as well not even have a franchise if the National Basketball Association championship is not your goal.

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